Alchemy Collective – Monthly practice for spirit & science

The Alchemy Collective is Currently Closed!

Be sure to join the wait list so you can get first access to monthly practices using brain science & spirit to shift your thinking & up-level your experience

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    Wouldn't it be wonderful if....

    You woke up every day and knew where to focus.

    You didn’t have to dig for things to do to create a shift in your life.

    You had a closer connection to yourself and your inner knower.

    You had established practices and rituals for growth in your life.

    You had a tribe of people, just like you, who wanted to grow and experience more in their life.

    Now you can...


    A monthly online experience to give you growth, ritual & community so you can create alchemy in your life!

    Here's what's included in The Alchemy Collective:

    Inside the collective you get weekly content with topics to think about, entertain you and grow from, all combined with an alchemist community like no other to keep you grounded and open.

    Now you can...

    • Have a playful way to look at life (downs included!)
    • Connection to you so you have a deeper connection to others.
    • Understand your emotions and what they are trying to tell you.
    • Have ritual to support your big goals.
    Week One


    Every month you’ll get a workshop or interview along with a guidebook for your month so you can not just learn, but really explore what the lesson means to you. This way you create shifts on a deep level and begin your alchemy process.

    Week Two

    Connection Kit

    Meditations, journal prompts, mantras or a new way to connect to yourself. This week is all about going inward and finding that connection to yourself so you can connect with others on a deeper level. Every month it will be a little different but every month will help you explore in a deeper way.

    Week Three


    Week three is all about sharing In Real Life (IRL)

    videos to motivate and inspire you while looking “under the hood” at what we’re up to.

    Take a look at what’s on my bookshelf…

    Visit a client or a guest alchemist…

    Visit my favorite beach….

    Learn about my morning rituals and tools…

    Every month gives you a fun new insight to what’s happening IRL!

    Week Four

    Ask anything!

    Each month I’ll answer your questions you submit all month long.  I’ll be popping in to answer them live inside our private alchemy community page on Facebook!


    Private Community

    Join us inside our private Facebook community. Share what you are experiencing, find your tribe and watch my live Q & A each month.


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    I want to experience Alchemy!

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    $37 monthly - cancel anytime

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      How else do we support you?

      The Alchemy Collective includes everything you need to create shifts and start to grow in a whole new way and we added in even more to make it an incredible experience for you that moves beyond online and enters your every day life.

      Monthly Wallpaper to remind yourself of your intention and journey

      Monthly Spotify playlist to discover new music that moves your soul

      Miracles & Manifestation Masterclass

      In the past, I've charged hundreds for this information

      and I’ve never shared on this level all of my rituals and sequences to create balance and total life alchemy…. But because you are here and ready to experience life in a new way I’m making this a no-brainer decision for you and offering this experience at an incredible discount of only

      $37 monthly/ cancel anytime*

      *I’m making it my job to make sure you don’t want to! 

      Here's everything you get inside
      The Alchemy Collective Online Experience

      • Monthly Theme, Workshop & Guidebook
      • Monthly Connection Kit
      • Monthly I.R.L Video
      • Monthly Q & A
      • Bonus Monthly Content: Wallpaper & Playlist
      • Exclusive Facebook Community

      Hey there! I'm Betsy....

      I’m a subconscious change expert known for creating such substantial shifts in clients say their lives have never been the same. With a focus in NLP and hypnotherapy, I help you expand the limits of your potential and finally step into the greatness you’ve only seen glimpses of before!

      An alchemist is someone who transforms or creates something through a seemingly magical process. When I was dreaming up this membership with rituals to support you, I felt like that is exactly what we are… Alchemists.

      We take our lives and we decide to create it the way that we desire and when we begin to do the work, opportunities align, people show up and situations work in our favor, seemingly like magic.

      We know that being guided and led means even the hard times are for our benefit and that when we have our soul sisters and brothers to go through transformation with, when we are a collective, it’s all the better. 

      Welcome to The Alchemy Collective. This is for you.

      Join the waitlist now.  $37, cancel anytime.

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        Why you should trust me?

        • I've helped thousands of people make changes in their life through my coaching, books and podcast over the years!
        • I'm a Master NLP Practioner and board certified Hypnotherapist as well as an emotion code practitioner. I combine brain science and spirit to create big shifts.
        • These are all practices and rituals I've used in my own life! I've used these to create and up-level my own life and those of my clients over the years. The information I'm going to share with you inside the collective is GOLD!
        • I'm a mom, wife and run my own business so I understand the stress of having a busy life and I've learned to navigate that and thrive. I can show you, too!

        Frequently Asked Questions

        We’d love for you to join us when it is right for you. The collective will only be open a few times a year though, so jump in as soon as you can!

        If you like The Art of Living Big, then you’ll LOVE the collective. It’s like ALB on steroids with deeper insight, more content each month and connection.  The information inside the collective you won’t find anywhere else in this format! This is the place to be!

        You can cancel any time, our goal is to make it awesome so you won’t want to!

        This is coming! Stay tuned for more ways you can make money by sharing each time we launch.

        Each month you can submit questions for the monthly Q & A. If you’d like more individual attention than that, you can schedule a call with us to see if you’re a good fit for one of her coaching programs. 

        Have a question?

        Join us in The Art of Living Big Facebook group or email our team at

        We are currently close but join the waitlist now!

        Join the Alchemy Collective

        Combining brain science & spirit to
        shift your thinking & change your experience.
        $37 monthly - cancel anytime

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